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Boogers & Space Monsters (you know who you are)

Fear keeps people from action. But then again, thinking that it’s all over is a great motivator. If alien contact can be simulated by mesmeric hallucinations, technological frequency devices, complex holographic projectors, audio and temporal displacement etc, and the painting on to old canvases of aerial objects, the placing of oop (out of time parts)  - then are aliens here or not and would we ever know for sure. In the film Fifth Element the humans and the advanced human(s) run around trying to ensure safety whilst coming under fire – their opponent is a Hitleresque fetishistic fascist with violent tendencies and no scruples who is obliged to do the bidding of his master.  This master is not seen, but is at a distance and electronically communicates especially by causing blood to seep from the forehead of the Hitleresque power broker and weapons dealer, thus causing him to feel in mortal danger if he does not complete his mission. So, my point is, that above or below us are compartments to which we are not allowed even the scantiest knowledge of.  How could we mere plebeians and pedestrians ever know whether the visions and interferance we suffer or learn from are from aliens or autocrats? I say suffer or learn because when driven by need - humans adapt – necessity is the mother of invention (I’ve got a lot of catching up to do and people are waiting) and flexibility and adaptation (what was that film about orchids? – Adaptation, nasty) is crucial to survival, but then again getting bent out of shape may be less desireable than dying with honour – hence suicide bombers, who actually have little choice being impoverished and up against enormous competition for their own deaths. Therefore if the tangible evidence for aliens is crop circles (implants being possible to manufacture, and the other symptoms of missing time, aerial abduction etc possible by our current technology and gadgetry) then they could be landing places for said aerial devices, or the ornate ones could be mind control training. Is mind control a bad thing?  There are always several views to take on any situation depending on your perspective – Education, Education, Education. The world is so full of knowledge, that learning never stops and some time must be taken to understand or apply the information. I got cancer when it was my mum’s birthday, I thought it was the alien breast enlargement implants I’d been praying for.  She died with grace and dignity believing in God and Angels.  Was she deceived?  I don’t think so, but I know a psychiatrist who would not even tolerate discussion on this topic as they had written off religion as lunacy. She said some key phrases to me – ‘How ignorant are you?’, ‘Shut up, shut up, shut up’ and ‘information’.  I spent my whole life holding back on telling her things and so she got stuck in a rut of a previous time and yet was also more advanced than me.  We did meet with our minds, but the fear of the consequences of my telling her about the harshness and pain in my life, held me back.  A dreadful situation which occurred at 911 to me did negatively affect her.  It seems that negative affects in my life do ripple out, so I hold them in. But why should we all sit here suffering in silence – Tell that to someone who gives a shit – that’s what the Americans say isn’t it. Well I’m bloody sick of them.  Their propaganda, their opinions on consumerist shit, their stuff foisted onto the whole world through McDonalds. Well if that’s the Scottish Rite I’m not impressed.  We seeded America and our frontiersmen killed the Red Skins, killed the medicine women and are destroying the lungs of the Earth – the rainforests right now. Is it too late?  Will this planet lose it’s ozonic atmosphere, it’s reddened lands gasping into an unforgiving black sky? Intelligent people think that no one is going to save us – Revelations is the dream of a mad misogynistic monk and we’ve been working hard to make his nightmare real. Intelligent people think that God rewards those who help themselves and therefore plan to meet God or Aliens halfway across the Galaxy or whatever, even if it’s just a faint radio signal repeating. Intelligent people want to section me cos I hear voices (well they probably do, I’m guessing) and act on intuition (and admit I could be wrong – and hold back) What is madness and what is reason and is it different for men and women?  And no, I still haven’t found a partner to take me out to see any films for years, let alone Bridget Jones’s Edge of Reason.  Why is that?  Too short, too bigga feet, too negative about myself cos I know you all are too – why else would women waste their lives staring in the mirror, starving on a diet, spending all their cash constantly on cosmetics, clothes, and lifestyle choices which cripple their minds – what for?  The love of men?  What the men who get paid more and get more job opportunities, get whole stadiums dedicated to their favourite crappy sport and their voices on the radio and their faces on the tv?  Their theories in parliament?  Their bombs dropping onto once living children who spent nine months growing in their mother’s wombs for this? If I could I would rip every man on this planet apart and not spare a second thought, and I’m a normal heterosexual WASP. That means white anglosaxon protestant, but it’s not the label I prefer, I’m seriously wondering if I should be ashamed of it.  I’ve got loads of labels, some of which I didn’t give myself, the point is TALK, discuss, tell anyone – if they don’t give a shit that’s their problem – another nasty American phrase.  Actually I only talk to people I select, and then I found the net.  I’m a dreamer, I think that anyone who finds these words was meant to and will do no harm, but I could be wrong – that’s what sailing on the subliminal sea is all about. If women were able to feel comfortable and safe enough – but then again (bloody language is anthropocentrically defined and has been for centuries – Hail Mary, Mary Daly) perhaps if we felt challenged enough (how much more challenged than paying thousands to have your breasts cut up, wearing a makeup mask, constrictive clothes and still knowing that he’d rather fuck or kill a prostitute and will pay you extremely little even for legitimate work and god help you if you’re a woman caught in a war zone as rape is apparently a friggin war weapon to some stupid loser going to hell men?) anyway, perhaps if women communicated more (within their own races and then out to other races) if the stupid men listened, it might just be the one chance we as a stupid apocalyptic world on the brink of biochemical, nuclear, environmental etc etc etc disaster have. And no I don’t mean the token women who have been allowed to rise through the ranks because they look pretty and bitch about other women (yes I am one of those - all women judge other women more harshly than they judge men, and so do men).  The anger and rage of a feminist against another liberated woman burns more slowly and more fiercely because they were closer than any pain felt at the love lost of unenlightened folks. If I see one more fat old ugly stupid overpriviledged alchohol soaked liver pate eating bloke in a suit spouting forth as if his opinion was amusing or intelligent or even relevant to anyone but another of his ilk I will disembowel him with my vomit or at least my acidic cancerous breath. Ha ha ha so spread that on your poxy morning paper, I’m off to buy a lot of mind control equipment, pharmaceutical prescribed medications, bombs and soldiers (robotic slaves of course) with the money George Bush owes me back for the Iraq war that he couldn’t afford. And if I don’t get a nice shiny new cell in Bellmarsh I’m gonna complain to Mary Whitehouse (will accept Morrisey or nearest offer).  X-Files, excluded information. ------ That's enough Mookie, off you go love --------- And what's more I'm not a bitch, I'm THE bitch, and that's Ms Bitch, to you! ------ Thankyou Mookie!  Don't call us, we'll call you.-----------

This writer is not available and has left the planet to the human scum (you know who you are) in accordance with the Malicious Communications Act of 3013 (Venusian Edition)

T'wasn't Mookie Twas ME BAT BOY Ha Ha Ha He He Tee He And have you seen this link? Best ever i reckon